The beginning of my pro skate

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Patmore Skateboard-Progress

I’ve always wanted my own pro skateboard, but I was never good enough to be sponsored, so I’m taking matters into my own hands.

I’m going old school on this one, airbrushing, frisking, taping. The prep time and clean up is the longest stages. The airbrushing takes 15 min. But worth every minute. Not sure if anyone has bought airbrush paint in a while. That shit is expensive. My mouth dropped when I got the bill.

Just keep telling myself ‘it’s all for the love of art.”

I may post a few pics of the progress here and there… or I may save it for

Not Everything is B&W-Completed

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13_NEIBW_Oil Painting_Richard Patmore

The oil painting is finally done. Always feels good when another project is completed… and a bit sad to see it go. But I know it will be going to a good home. I just finished taking photos of the painting which I will post on intwine design when I get a chance. Hopefully the site will be getting a bit of an overhaul with a bunch of new work and possible layout.

Here’s a few of the bands I was listening to while painting ‘Not Everything is B&W.’


The Bled

Sole and the Skyrider Band

Stay filthy.

New Painting in progress ‘Not Everything is B&W’

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Oil on canvas - 3 1/2′ x 5′

This is a commissioned piece I was asked to do in B&W, but the subject matter was up to me.

I will post more photos of the paintings progress as I work on it. The final will be showcased on intwine design.

The Heart of the Home

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Heart of the Home_Richard Patmore

Playtime at the Costmores.

Hand cut pine with acrylic & wall paint. Something old, something new, nothing borrowed with a bit of blue.

helpless 04 – Done.

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The painting is framed and on the wall. I’d swear it’s haunted. To see the full piece, detail shots and the frame (oh yes the frame is important)

Alien Sculpture – New Detail

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Since I’ve finished the painting, I’ve really gotten back into working on the alien. I bought this new plaster cast that is almost like sculpting clay. It’s amazing, now I can add the detail that I’ve always wanted to. The weight of this thing is getting crazy, so i’ve also been reinforcing the structure. One step ahead, two steps behind.

The ‘helpless’ painting is also now being framed. I can’t wait to post the final. I found a frame that totally suits the painting in style and colour. It’s almost like christmas, I can’t wait any longer.

helpless 03

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It’s finally done!

I have to say it feels amazing to have completed this piece. Once it’s dry, I’ll frame it and showcase the full oil painting on intwine design.

there’s something about getting your hands dirty.

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Richard Patmore - Hand Dirty

helpless 02

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helpless_update02 by Richard Patmore

It’s almost there. I think this part of the painting is done. But you never know. Currently listening to the new YEAH YEAH YEAHS album while painting. Amazing!

Alien Sculpture

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Alien 2



Detail shots of a sculpture I have been working on for years. This is the latest detailing that I have done on my Alien Sculpture. Eventually I will finish it and airbrush it.

To for more information and pics go here