Apophis CD Cover Illustration in progress

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12_Apophis CD Cover_Richard Patmore

For the last while I’ve been working on a few projects, here is the beginning of one. This is a pencil illustration for a hip hop group called ‘Apophis’.

The album is called ‘The Theory of De-Evolution’. The idea behind the artwork was taking key lyrics from the album and creating visuals. All together there are 51 separate illustrations in the cover. I just finished it tonight and I can’t wait to add it to intwine design.

Wait till you here the album, it’s amazing. Concept album about everything from the beginning of time till the end.

Here is a preview ‘Apophis on myspace

Ghoulish Gary’s Stag Flyer

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Ghoulish Gary's Stag Flyer by Richard Patmore

I’ve known Gary Pullin for over 13 years. He’s a great guy, great friend and an amazing illustrator.

His brother Jay asked me to create a flyer for his stag party. A little bit of pressure for sure.

I had to do something that would pay homage to Gary. I think I did him justice on this one. I researched various photos and illustrations of Gary’s to create this. I even matched the colours Gary uses in his drawings. On all the magazine’s in the flyer, I only recreated the ones that Gary had illustrated.

Nothing was traced, every thing was done in pencil and ink, colour was done in photoshop.

The link to Gary’s site is in my links section.

‘Crosses’ Music Video Poster

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My wife, Telma Costa, had the opportunity to work on two video’s for Chad Michael Stewart. The first one was ‘Hollow‘, it turned out amazing. I sat there countless nights with her watching clip after clip, throwing ideas back and forth. The second, is a song called ‘Crosses’. The video is still currently in the works, but the trailer was shown in Cineplex’s across Ontario. How cool is that? 

While Telma was working on the video, I wanted to get my hands dirty as well so I created a promo poster for the video. Which lead to an animation bit in the trailer. I have to say it’s great working with my wife on different projects. I think we compliment each other very well.

The image of Chad may change over the course of time, if it does I’ll post the new version.

The Missing Link Logo Design

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The same band that asked for The Rep Team logo design (see below) emailed me a few months later to do a logo for their Hip Hop Radio Station. The Missing Link font and monkey illustrations were done by hand and modified in illustrator.

Rep Team Logo Design

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I was asked by a Hip Hop group from Edmonton to do a logo for a music video. Hell Yes!

They asked for a retro style hockey logo that would be printed or embroidered on the jersey’s of the players .

The band is called Touch and Nato, the video is ‘Mom’s In The Stands’. I have no idea if this went anywhere but it was cool to do.

If anyone sees the video please let me know.