helpless 03

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It’s finally done!

I have to say it feels amazing to have completed this piece. Once it’s dry, I’ll frame it and showcase the full oil painting on intwine design.

New Song ‘Fuck Your Drama’

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I just finished a song with a bunch of friends who love making music as much as I do. The song is called ‘Fuck Your Drama’, Chris Whyte made the beat… Thanks Chris. This song also features guest appearances by Malcolm Gilderdale (aka EXPENSIVE), Noel Calalang (aka HALF-LOONIE) and me. You can listen to it here.

there’s something about getting your hands dirty.

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Richard Patmore - Hand Dirty

helpless 02

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helpless_update02 by Richard Patmore

It’s almost there. I think this part of the painting is done. But you never know. Currently listening to the new YEAH YEAH YEAHS album while painting. Amazing!


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This is a music compilation I put together featuring various bands I’m in with a bunch of friends. We do this for fun, I record and produce all the songs. If you go here you can download the compilation for free. There are 22 songs, from various genres of music, including acoustic, hip hop, metal, rock, pop and more. The download also includes a printable version of the cd cover, and low res artwork for all the bands that are featured on the compilation. Perfect for your mp3 player of choice and itunes. Thanks to Telma Costa for creating the promo video on intwine design. And of course everyone involved in the creation of the music.

Alien Sculpture

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Alien 2



Detail shots of a sculpture I have been working on for years. This is the latest detailing that I have done on my Alien Sculpture. Eventually I will finish it and airbrush it.

To for more information and pics go here


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I’ve been working on this oil painting on and off for a while. So far the title is ‘helpless’. I’m hoping to have this framed and on the wall by the end of the month. I will post the final when it’s complete. Oh ya this is where I illustrate and paint tucked away in the basement.

I always found music and art to go hand in hand, one inspires the other. For the last little while I’ve been listening to EL-P ‘I’ll sleep when you are dead’. This album has guest appearances by Trent Reznor, Cedric of Mars Volta, Cat Power and Aesop Rock. If you download it off itunes you get a bonus track of ‘Smithereens’ remixed. Damn fine piece of music.